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cialisyytte > Star Odyssey > Chapter 859: The Loser’s Lament
On Zenyu Star, in King Zishan’s palace, Lu Yin stared at a screen while blushing. Were they seriously talking about him? Aside from the name, everything else that these reporters had said had absolutely nothing to do with him. When had he donated money? He was almost entirely broke himself, but they were trying to coerce him into donating? Lu Yin grew wary.

“Xiao Ya, don’t publish any reports related to money. I don’t have any money.” Lu Yin couldn’t help himself, and he quickly called up Xiao Ya to give her this order.

Xiao Ya was stunned.Money? What does that mean? Is the Royal Regent hinting at something?

The moment Armament Weave joined the Great Eastern Alliance, the first thing that Lu Yin had done was start constructing an express military corridor that ran throughout the alliance.

This plan infuriated the weaves in the central region, and all the major organization heads contacted the Great Yu Empire with requests for the empire to stop construction of the military corridor. Once this military route was completed, it would drastically reduce the amount of time needed for the eastern region to launch an assault on the central weaves. The Armament Weave would then become the launch pad for the Great Eastern Alliance to invade the rest of the central region, and the central weaves would not allow that to happen easily.

But despite the numerous complaints, the Great Yu Empire ignored them all completely.

The weaves in the central region of the Outerverse could still form an alliance, but it would proceed too slowly without Wei Rong at the helm.

To Lu Yin, the weaves of the central region were like a herd of sheep without Wei Rong, and that was exactly what Lu Yin wanted to see.

Lu Yin had ordered Thousand Eyes to track down Wei Rong, and Lu Yin already knew that Wei Rong was most likely hiding in Millions City. If that was true, then there was nothing that Lu Yin could do at the moment aside from simply hope that Millions City wouldn’t act against him.

On Planet Hydrotink, Wei Xin’er had been kneeling outside of Felynn’s room for several days. Ever since the Allied Forces had attacked the Wei family’s ancestral planet, she had been begging Felynn to speak with Lu Yin, but Felynn had rejected the girl every time.

Furthermore, Felynn’s attitude towards Wei Xin’er had changed as well.

Wei Xin’er was no longer useful to Felynn, as this girl had simply been the woman’s backup plan. Now that the Wei family was destroyed, Wei Xin’er no longer held any value in Felynn’s eyes. Moreover, the girl was Wei Rong’s sister, and Wei Rong had worked with other people to plunder the Hall of Insight. If not for Wei Rong, Felynn would have never had to rely on Lu Yin, and the woman would never forget that.

Plead with him? That would be useless even if she tried. Felynn understood Lu Yin quite well, and her current status couldn’t pressure Lu Yin at all. Even if nothing had happened to Sourcepeak Planet, and even

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