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Chapter 2423: Well, Sorry Then

How could the small gestures that Zhan Bo, and his men exchanged escape Huang Xiaolong’s senses?!

A faint smile formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face and the corner of his lips curled upwards.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, and the others noticed a fiery ray of light piercing through the thick layers of the purple clouds covering the skies.

It seemed as though the fiery sun spiritual qi originating from the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain was something special indeed.

From what he knew, the fiery sun spiritual qi was one of the highest level of natural spirit qi in the Holy World. Venerables would benefit greatly if they could refine the energy contained within it, but that was only if they were ordinary Venerables. For someone at Huang Xiaolong’s level, the fiery sun spiritual qi was a little too weak to be of any use.

The closer they got, the brighter Zhan Bo’s smile became.

“The Fiery Sun Ginseng is well-hidden and extremely hard to find. However, the map states that around ten million years ago, a grand elder in the Beast Tamer Holy Gate located it. Maybe Brother Huang possesses better luck than that! You might even be able to find both the Fiery Sun Ginseng and the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid!” Zhan Bo chuckled leisurely.

“Many thanks to Brother Zhan Bo for your blessings! I might actually be able to find both of them! Hahaha!” Huang Xiaolong grinned.

“If Brother Huang really finds the Fiery Sun Ginseng, you’ll have to share several roots with me!” Zhan Bo burst out laughing as he sneered inwardly. Fantasizing about finding the Fiery Sun Ginseng and Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid when you are going to die soon?

What a daydreaming idiot?!

“Of course! If I manage to find it, I’ll share three roots with Brother Zhan Bo! Nothing more!” Huang Xiaolong ignored his ridicule and cackled like an ‘id*ot’.

“Of course…. Three roots are more than enough!” Zhan Bo reciprocated.

Zhan Bo felt a trace of irritation rising in his heart when he saw the disgusting smile on Huang Xiaolong’s face. He wanted nothing more than to kill the arrogant prick with a pinch of his finger.

Moments later, the outline of Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain gradually appeared within their sights.

Wisps of flame floated around the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain, as a halo of fire seemed to suspend itself in the air above the mountain. The sight was breathtaking to say the least.

In the spiritual mountain, Purple Cloud Beasts of the fire attribute soared among the clouds and fire-attributed divine trees could be seen lining the mountain peak.

“What a majestic view!” Zhan Bo exclaimed in amazement.

It was the perfect place to kill someone.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “A majestic view indeed.”

The both of them smiled in unison.

The two groups of people flew towards the mountain peak as different thoughts formed in their hearts.

From far, waves of fiery flame qi enveloped them

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