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Chapter 438: End of the Trip ④

“And so, I return to my original intention.”

The one who said this while sighing in a good mood and spinning a pen was Izumo.

This man, who enjoyed glaring at a map of the magic constructions of Tsige in his last day, had returned to the Weitz Orphanage when it was nightfall.

That expression of his seemed to be half from a sense of achievement, and half vexation that he wanted one more week.

If Izumo had a step tracker application, he would have gone over 10,000 steps. But with his body trained by the classes of Raidou despite being mainly a mage, he didn’t feel exhaustion on his legs.

It is a plain achievement.

He must have blended completely with the place already. He would exchange cheerful words with the orphans, and he began to enjoy without rest the Weitz Orphanage that was his original intention.

For Izumo, this is the number one place he would like to live in.

It didn’t matter at all the fact that it is an orphanage or that he would get work pushed onto him.

There’s no way a world legacy geek would have any complaints about staying in a world legacy.

“This defense mechanism that utilizes this magic power tree is amazing too. Not only earthquakes which are the natural enemy of buildings, but it might even be able to protect the place from a direct hit of ritual magic…” (Izumo)

Izumo speaks to himself while looking at the big wide dark green leaves crawling the walls.

He wasn’t looking for someone’s response, he simply monologues in deep emotion.

After that, he checked out the way to assemble the partitions inside, the water field, and the features of the workplace. He was moved by every single thing and memoing memoing and memoing.

There’s no doubt it is the behaviour of a weirdo, but the orphans and employees have already seen the eccentric behavior of Izumo for several days.

In other words, they are already used to this sight.

“…Beautiful.” (Izumo)

Finally, Izumo puts a hand on the wall and closes his eyes.

He was enjoying the sensation of the wall that transmitted to his hand.

The certainly beautiful wall that was made possible with mud and the work of a plasterer that created the peculiar finishing touches.

That thing that was left there on the playfulness of the eldwas had piqued the interest of the children, but it most of all shocked Izumo silly.

These earthen and clay walls that are painted differently according to their respective floors, the mortar coating, and many other varied techniques gave entertainment to the eye.

This work scenery was not within the video that was given to Izumo, so he witnessed this technique on the first day of staying in this place by surprise, and was shocked by it.

The sight of many eldwas doing elaborate work on a race against time could be visibly understood that it had worth in watching, and it was mesmerizing.

It is a performance where the orp

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