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Chapter 1575: I Have Been Lying To You

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“I’m not talking about you and me. It’s about you making use of me. So this is the reason you made use of me and hurt my family. My Mu Family suffers a downfall, I withdraw from the army, and my Mu Family totally collapses from then on. And I’ll follow you and leave? Jack Anderson, you are daydreaming!”

Jack pursed his lips and clenched his fists slightly. Mu Yuan had opened his mind. Jack did not have the intention of this at all, but if he explained it like this, his motive seemed to be even more sufficient and more convincing. He looked at Mu Yuan’s eyes which were filled with pain. His heart also seemed to be pierced by a knife. The person who made the decision was more miserable than the person who endured it. It was like the death of a thousand cuts.

Ye Ling’s method was too ruthless.

There was no buffer time given at all. When they were the most blissful, they were directly given a stab. It was so painful that it broke his heart.

Jack smiled slowly. He lifted Mu Yuan’s chin. “Xiaoyuan, you are really too pure. I have always liked your purity. Have you ever thought about why I would want to be with you?”

His words were gentle and had a trace of a smile, but it was so vicious that it made Mu Yuan’s blood become cold. He seemed like he was being thrown by someone into the cold winds of Siberia. It blew until his bones were thoroughly cold.

What does he mean?

Mu Yuan’s eyes were clear and bright. He was slightly mad. The injured lion had walked to the cliff, and the hunters’ traps and swords were everywhere. He had nowhere to escape and still had to face the stab of his partner.

“Why did you want to be together with me?” Mu Yuan asked. Since he wanted to die, he had to die thoroughly. He also did not want to struggle anymore. He also wanted to see the extent to which words could hurt people.

He also wanted to know exactly how a gentle knife could be so poisonous.

Why did the person who still smiled the day before become so ruthless at this moment?

“Because you are Mu Yuan,” Jack said softly as he hid some sighs in his voice. He rubbed his chin gently. “This last name is really so valuable in your country.”

Mu Yuan suddenly exploded and smashed his fist at Jack. “Asshole!”

His voice seemed to have a trace of blood. It was hoarse and sorrowful. When this punch went down, it hit Jack until he saw stars. He did not know if it was intentional. He never dodged and was punched several times by Mu Yuan.

He went backwards a few steps. Mu Yuan pounced over and gripped his lapel. Both his eyes were red. “So you have been deceiving me?”

Jack looked into his eyes. His tone was lively. “Yes.”

Mu Yuan raised his fist. Jack did not dodge. However, this punch did not land on his face. Mu Yuan’s heart was already scarred and battered. His voice was also thoroughly hoarse. “Say it

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