roumania Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen HIATUS
This is currently on hold. Please read it after may 15,2019. *** Through a stupid incident, a lazy girl transmigrated into ancient cultivation world where strong ruled and weak were despised. She, a mere mortal of the 24th century was confused as to what triggered this chaos and tried to undo this phenomenon but alas! how could she a mere mortal can do this? Embarking on the journey for...
Fiery God Limitless Sword God
Description Su Yun was a prodigy, blessed by the gods. However, life is never so easy. Soon after reaching 6th stage in spirit novice realm cultivation, his progress stagnated due to incurring a rare medical condition. A few years go by, and Su Yun has spent all his time gambling or drinking, wasting his youth away, but one day everything changes. Qing Er, the only one who stood by him was forced by his clan to be a sacrificial bride to someone she didn’t love, only to be executed by the groom on the wedding night for fleeing. Burning for revenge, he scoured the world for a cure for his rare medical condition from both righteous and villainous side. Countless years go by, and finally Su Yun not only found a way to cure his rare condition but also gain immense knowledge on a myriad of martial techniques. But before he could fully cure himself, he received news that the groom suffered an assault that damaged his internal organs. Rather than wait for decades to become fully cured, Su Yun decided to